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[Vol. 7] No Fish Today

What have you planned for the weekends? ⁣⁣
How about going fishing with your friends? ⁣⁣
The magic of Finland’s nature is,⁣⁣
it calms you down. ⁣⁣
No matter what you have came through during the week,⁣⁣
the nature brings you back to peacefulness. ⁣⁣
Just walking in the forest,⁣⁣
fishing by the lake,⁣⁣
staying with your best friends,⁣⁣
you will love it. ⁣⁣
Days are getting colder,⁣⁣
remember to keep yourself warm.⁣⁣
We just bought some new items for this season,⁣⁣
after this fishing trip we want to share some with you.⁣⁣

The North Face Nuptse 2 Vest⁣⁣
Brand: @thenorthface ⁣
Available at @beyond_helsinki @beyondstorefi ⁣⁣


Villasukka ⁣⁣
Brand: @helsinginvillasukkatehdas ⁣
Available at @partioaitta


Pop DRS denim shorts⁣
Brand: @poptradingcompany
Available at @beyond_helsinki @beyondstorefi ⁣⁣



Polar Surf Pants ⁣⁣
Brand: @polarskateco ⁣
Available at @beyond_helsinki @beyondstorefi ⁣⁣

Carhartt WIP x Clarks Wallabee⁣
Brand: @carharttwip x @clarksshoes ⁣
Available at @beyond_helsinki @beyondstorefi ⁣⁣⁣


During the weekend,
we made a fishing trip to Jyväskylä.
Although we couldn’t catch a fish,
it was a lot of fun to stay with good friends.