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[Vol. 6] Go North

This March, we made a “Go North” trip to the northern Finland. When we were planning for the trip, we asked ourselves:

“How about driving through the forests?”

“How about going to somewhere even in the north?”

Then we found Nellim on the map, we believed that’s where we would go. The result is we experienced a life we never had, we could be so close to the nature life, we sat by the fire in a yurt with visitors from different countries, we fell asleep under the starry sky, and much more.

Here we highlighted some memories from the “Go North” trip. Scroll down, let’s go north!


Special thanks to Wilderness Nellim, Hertz, Partioaitta, Beyond, Vitamin Well for the supports in this trip.


We started our trip in the early morning, it was cold and slightly rainy.


We flew from Helsinki to Kittilä, our first thing to do after landing was picking up our car from Hertz. The Hertz desk is just outside of the exit in Kittilä airport, you won’t miss it. 

This is the buddy accompanied us on the road. Its features guaranteed an excellent driving experience even on snowy roads.


On the national road 955, going north.


Arriving in Nellim. Wilderness Hotel Nellim accommodated us, and when we arrived it’s just about time for dinner. These delectable food was the best treat for us after 5 hours driving.


Wilderness Hotel Nellim provides several options of accommodation, every of which is designed by the owner family themselves, featuring the mixture of urban design and local Sami culture.

Log cabin


Aurora cabin


From the morning to evening, the resort has prepared all kinds of local winter activities for travelers, such as visiting reindeer farm, riding snowmobile, snowshoeing, camping, aurora hunting, etc.

Reindeer farm


Riding snowmobile and baking in forests


Aurora camping. Our camping started at 11 in the evening. That night, we sat by a campfire in the yurt with travelers from different cities in the world, waiting for the northern lights together. For us who live in cities, we all knew the peacefulness at this moment is hard to be found again for a long time.


The trip is full of good memories, most importantly, it reminded us of taking some breaks in our fast-paced life — don’t let your affairs interfering the happiness of your life.