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[Vol. 4] Ice Fishing!

In the middle of winter, everything slows down.

We need some fun for these dark days, so we decide to go ice fishing with some friends.

We wake up around 11 am, lazily move from the warm bed, while our friend Santeri and Veli are already waiting for us in his car. We first go to a bakery to pick up some simple breakfast, and then we drive 20 minutes to a lake — people say there are a lot of fish in that lake.


As soon as we arrive, we excitedly take all the gears and walk towards the lake, meanwhile we are talking about how to cook the finish tonight.


Getting to the central area of the lake, we start to drill holes. The ice is thick, luckily we have useful tools.

Santeri puts bait on the hook, he sits down and waits patiently for the fish.


However, nothing happens. Veli decides to move the spots and drill new holes.


After one hour, it’s getting cold, but we still havent caught any fish.

Goodness is we have prepared hot water, tee, and drip coffee.

With the hot drink, soon we feel warm again.


Five of us hold the fishing rods in turns, to see who has better luck to be the first to catch the fish.


The day gets dark quickly, we havent even seen a single fish. But it will get darker and colder soon, we have to leave.

After spending hours in the freezing wind, we decide to find a fire place and grill some sausages.

Although we get no fish today, meeting friends and having fun together is much better than lying on the bed. But for the next ice fishing day, we hope to have better luck.