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[Vol. 3] Good Moments of a Day

Have you noticed the daytime is getting longer day by day?

Although it is still cold in most Nordic cities, more people have taken off their heavy coats, walking on the street in styles.

On this day, we are going to spend several hours with a friend, and note down the good moments of the day.

At the scheduled time, we meet at the city library.

We find our friend Miska easily with his fresh denim-and-white outfit.


Miska takes a book from shelf and starts to read it.

It is a book of Leonardo Cohen, a great musician and poet.

The library provides bright and spacious areas for readers, and we can tell from their facial expressions, they really enjoy reading.


After the library, Miska puts on his rainy jacket and boots.

Obviously he doesn’t want to get the dirts on the white sneakers.

We take a tram to the station where Miska lives.


After a while, when we are about to say bye, Miska says “The sunset is so beautiful, I need to take a photo!” instead.

“My camera is older than me, I bought it from an antique shop, it’s still working!”

He is very happy with his camera.


“OK, bye!”

Do good friends always say bye so simply?

Miska puts on the hood and walks away.

See you, Miska.