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Q&A with NAGA

NAGA is an illustrator and graphic designer residing in Tokyo. He loves skateboarding very much as well.⁣
As he stared working in “sento” (public onsen in local town in Japan) when he was at 25 age, he got into Edo culture eventually and stared to draw his original illustration and artwork mixing street culture and ukiyo-e.⁣

Recently, NAGA worked on the poster for the release of Nike SB x Medicom Toy BE@RBRICK, and the graphic went viral on social media — everyone loved it!

We’re very honored to have NAGA joining the Q&A, and talked about some stories behind his creations.

Instagram: @naga0708
Website: /

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5pm Express — Your Delivery Company

Skateboarding has always been an important culture for us.

They spread the undefeated attitude from street to street,
so we took this image of shuttling skaters and created a “5pm Express” delivery company
— we use skaters to delivery your packages, on time, and with the realest love.

Of course, the company is just a joke.
But our love for skaters is real.
We made this new merch to show the love, to all skaters making the streets a better place.