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There is something that never stops moving, it is time.

In our cities, numerous clocks are quietly living in the corners —
in the train station, on the streets, Although seldom do we pay attention to them, they are there, telling time to the passing pedestrians.

Sometimes, they tell us to mend our pace.
And sometimes they tell us to enjoy the moment.

Silently, they are affecting our life.
Silently, they bring us to 2019.

Thank you, 2018.
We are ready, 2019.

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“I will meet my friends, many of them are living in different countries now, and they are coming back to Finland for the celebration. We get together on New Year’s Eve every year, and we have some traditions of drinking hot chocolate, eating crepes, and spinning the bottle. We have been doing this for 12 years.”


“We haven’t planned for it so much, but we will stay together on New Year’s Eve, just us.”


“In Russia, the New Year is more important than Christmas, so we are very excited about the celebration. We are going to meet our friends and we will celebrate it together!”


“We don’t know yet, but we will meet some friends. And happy new year!”


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