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all images © keishin horikoshi/SS tokyo

Tokyo, one of the most popular destinations for travelers, its co-existence of contemporary and traditional scenes have amazed every visitor.⁣

Oshiage is a district of Sumida Ward in the east of Tokyo, a major interchange station, it’s also where Tokyo Skytree stands at.⁣
And Hotel ONE@Tokyo may be another reason to visit.⁣

The hotel’s facade and interior design are the work of world-renowned architect Kengo Kuma. ⁣
Fusing industrial materials with natural wood, this new hotel exemplifies the contrast found in Oshiage, which retains the feeling of a bygone Edo era, while being within the modern metropolis of Tokyo.⁣

The price is very friendly,⁣
considering the location, design and facilities.⁣
When you’re traveling to Tokyo, ⁣
don’t forget to check out this 10-story and 142-room hotel.⁣

1-19-3 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo⁣
Tel +81-3-5630-1193⁣

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