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Q&A with Tunway a.k.a. 小屁孩

Tunway, more known as his nickname 小屁孩 (Xiao Pi Hai, “little naughty boy” in English), is a Chinese-speaking Malaysian.
He is the founder of FUTUREMADE STUDIO and a YouTuber with 115K subscribers (till November 11, 2020).
In Chinese-speaking countries and regions, his videos are very popular for the inspiring contents and interesting editing.

Brands including Nike, Asics, New Balance, Puma have worked with him.
And during the lockdown, Tunway decided to open a FUTUREMADE STUDIO physical store. 
Let’s get to know more about him, and find out what’s the secret keeping him smiling 🙂

Instagram: @tunway
YouTube: Xiao Pi Hai小屁孩

Part 1 – Greeting

Waaassup! FUTUREMADE Xiao Pi Hai! Thanks for joining us today! What’s the weather right now in your city?

Yo wassup, thanks for having me. I’m from Malaysia and we are located near the equator. So we are filled with hot and humid weather 24/7, occasionally raining.

What are you doing right now?

I’m at a Malaysian restaurant, named Hainan Kopitiam. Just had some toast bread with a half-boiled egg, which is one of the local signature dishes.

It has been 6 years now since your very first video on YouTube. What keeps you so motivated that you can upload new videos every week?

I think Malaysia is definitely the underdog when talking about streetwear, fashion, and culture in global. There’re a lot of good things happening here everyday. So I’m motivated by the energy here to produce weekly videos, I wish to champion the streetwear culture scene from where I am from. Make sure people know something positive is going on in Malaysia scene.

Part 2 – Work

How many videos have you uploaded to YouTube by far? And which projects are the most unforgettable to you?

To be honest, I lost count. However, there are a lot of amazing experiences from the past projects such as climbing snow mountains, restoring a 24 years old car, and shooting a Chinese New Year advertisement with Beats by Dre. Oh ya, producing a show with Nike in China is also unforgettable. As far I know, I’m the first Malaysian to have done that with Nike. I’m really proud of that.

You started FUTUREMADE while you studied at university, and you sold your sneaker collection to finance running the brand, that must be a tough decision. What do you feel about that decision if you look back now?

It was a tough call indeed, but I made it without hesitation. Yes, some of the sneakers are worth collecting but they are other people’s legacy. I don’t see any reason why I wouldn’t let go in order to build my own legacy.

If we talk about the young people in a city, do you think how they dress up could influence how visitors think of that city? 

Definitely! However, it’s not just what they are wearing, it’s also about what they are doing. And how people in that city continue doing it for generations. 

I was shocked when I visited Japan for the first time. The aesthetic and experience of the city are built by little things like architecture, way of living, fashion sense, advertisements on the streets and everything around. Their reputation in the fashion world, it’s not solely how good their designs are. It is more than fashion, and it started from their daily life.

So, an ugly banner in Malaysia will always remind me that we still have a lot of efforts to make. 

During the lockdown in 2020, you decided to open up a brick-and-mortar for FUTUREMADE STUDIO. It’s such an ambitious move, what’s the biggest challenge in front of you?

Uncertainties, the worst scenario could be as, at the moment the store is ready to operate, the country got lockdown and no one is allowed to go out. Going out with friends and traveling has become precious things in 2020. So having a psychical store is a bold move for us, but at the same time we hope to provide a space for everyone to have new experiences and express their thoughts. Of course, safety first!

Part 3 – Life

Your outfit styles are very fresh, where do you get your ideas? 

I got my ideas from different places like, magazines, celebrities, historical events and others. Basically is what I see everyday. The way I dress is not something new or original, but I always keep my core identity and keep trying new styles.

Everyday there are more people starting to watch your videos, follow you on Instagram, and your store will certainly make more influence. What will you do with your growing influence?

It is just as simple as putting a smile on their face. The reality is, I feel really fortunate that I can make my hobby as a living tool. With my videos I can make people feel entertained and forget their unhappiness from the real world, at least for 10 minutes maybe? HAHAHA!

But as the first Chinese speaker streetwear YouTuber in Malaysia, what I really wish is to pass on the spirit of Malaysian fashion scene. I will stop producing video and die one day, so that’s where the young blood should come in and keep the good things going on and on. Ok, this is getting wordy. I should stop here.

Last question, you’re always very happy in the videos, and your life seems full of fun, so…what’s your secret of happiness?

Video is just a fraction of my life, which is showcasing my positive energy for most of the time. I am just another human being that has to deal with the same shitty problems like you.

The most important thing is FIND YOUR PURPOSE. It can be anything, for your family, friends, and yourself.

Thank you again Xiao Pi Hai!
Good luck to your brand and store, hope to meet you in the near future and do something awesome together!