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Q&A with Gettomasa

Gettomasa, born in 1993 in Montreal, Canada, but he spent most of his childhood in Jyväskylä, Finland.
He started being interested in hip hop when he was 6 through his cousin, he was already making music himself when he was 17. 
In 2012 he won the Finland’s freestyle championship RAP SM.
In 2019, his second solo album ‘Diplomaatti’ was awarded the Emma Awards as the album of the year in Rap/R&B category.

In this Q&A, Gettomasa will talk about his daily life, work and clothing.
More importantly, 
Gettomasa’s new music video ‘Elastinen x Gettomasa – Mähän Sanoin’ will be out tomorrow, Friday July 26.
Remember to watch it! 

? What’s good Gettomasa? We’re super glad to have you with us today, what were you just doing before the Q&A?
? Wussshaadnin aye aye aye… I was just enjoying a fresh smoothie in the sunshine. Before that I went to the beach for some calisthenics training and my morning swim in the lake for a couple of kilometers. That’s about my basic s**t how to start my day during the summer. Man, I love working out in the sunshine.

? We know you’ve been very busy making the upcoming music video, which part is the most exciting for you? 
? The most exciting part is always about releasing the video and seeing the response from the people. 
Making a video is a lot of work! Lots of planning with the script and how and where to make it happen, and then the actual days of filming it are usually very long and hard. 
The best part is if you’re able to see it pay off and people actually f**k with it.

? Is there something fun happened during the video shooting?
? Lots of jokes and laughs during the day with my collaborator Elastinen (@elastinen). He was the first rapper I actually ever started listening to and very safe to say that he truly is a pioneer. Just spending time with him and hearing his endless stories about the game and having casual talks about hip hop is the most fun I could even dream of having! Always great times with the man.

? We are really excited about your upcoming songs and music videos, can you tell us a secret to make us even more excited? Haha!
? Within a month there will be a couple of more videos…

? In your opinion, how will the music video affect the music itself? 
? Nowadays it’s even more important to me, because nowadays most people are not very concentrated when they’re listening to the music. Just releasing the song alone I feel like most people might play it in the background and not really even pay attention to it that much, because its free and fast to just click on a link and do any other stuff right after. The video is something that grabs your attention and makes sure that the person will be engaged to listen and look at the screen for the length of the full song, and also they can get a better idea of the story.

? Talking about clothing, you always have a unique style. Where do you get your inspiration? 
? I don’t know man, I wouldn’t even describe myself as someone who has a unique style. I like pretty much everything that’s classic hip hop, everything that stands the changing of times. 
I might see my favorite rapper wear something and it inspires me. S**t from the 90s, 00s and 10s. Good classic things last. Buying the newest flashy hypebeast s**t is not my thing. I don’t wanna look at my photos later and see myself wearing something popular for that season and super outdated afterwards. 

? Summer is already here, have you planned any summer activities? 
? Already doing it. Making new music, playing basketball, swimming and enjoying life.

Appreciate your time! We really can’t wait to see your new music videos. Enjoy your summer! And catch you up later!