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[Vol. 5] Nordic Life – Living in Helsinki as a Barista

When talking about Nordic life, many will have a relaxed feeling. The elements such as coffee, bike, jogging, nature, sea, etc. together have built a lifestyle that many people are dreaming for.

And who have formed these elements in our cities? Like you, we are also curious who are adding fineness to our life little by little, in Nordic Life series, 5pm Magazine will discover the stories with you together.

This time, we are going to know about a talented barista living and working in Helsinki.

Andrew (@thefriendlysamoan), a barista at Kaffa Roastery. He moved from New Zealand to Helsinki 6 years ago. He worked at Johan & Nyström Coffee for 2 years, Café Kokko for 1 year before Kaffa Roastery. His faith in coffee is to make people happy.


At Home


Andrew moves to his new apartment not long time ago, he renovated the place wit his wife. A large-size dining and working table stands in the spacious living room, while the kitchen is right next to it. Andrew built this living room big enough for him to stay together with his wife, his adorable baby and their two lovely dogs while cooking, dining and relaxing.

Andrew has a passion for life, with a wide range of interests to help him enjoy his life. He is not just a professional coffee maker, he also loves food, music, fashion, home decor and growing plants.

Every morning when Andrew wakes up, he turns on his music and prepares some simple breakfast there. This sizable table was originally a table for display at a furniture store, but Andrew managed to buy it from the seller after a negotiation. And the lamps on the ceiling were brought from Amsterdam.


Andrew grows plenty of plants at home. On that day, he just researched how to take care of his Ficus Microcarpa Ginseng, he realized this bonsai needs watering almost twice a day.


His dogs, named Sanji and Zoro (@sanjijazoro).


Andrew doesnt often make coffee at home, he believes coffee is better when shared with good company. For Andrew, a good coffee is a combination of its taste, the environment, and what happens with the coffee. Thats why he always tries to have a small conversation with the people buying coffee.


Going Out

When its time for work, Andrew put on his jacket and said goodbye to Sanji and Zoro. We hopped in his Mini Cooper, a perfect model for his family to commute in Helsinki.


At Work


In the southern Helsinki city, it is a district called Punavuori. In one of its streets, lies a well-known café — Kaffa Roastery. This café strives to make the best coffee in Finland, whos the country consumes the most coffee in the world. To achieve their goal, Kaffa Roastery sources the high quality coffee beans from the farms, and they roast the beans with their own machine and magic.

Andrew shifts to work mode quickly, by watching him making coffee, you will feel he really enjoys it. Andrew likes to talk to his colleagues and customers, their laughters makes a cheerful atmosphere at the coffee bar.


Andrew needs to stand all the time at work, so he likes to wear sneakers.


Brewing Coffee


Andrews latte art, a swan!


Andrew will work from 2 pm to 8 pm that day. While he is making coffee, he walks in the kitchen from side to side. Hes busy, but you can hardly see some tiredness from him. He’s always smiling or laughing, so do the people he talks to.


I sit at the other side of the kitchen, but I also feel relaxed by just looking at him making coffee, such a magician.