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5pm Express — Your Delivery Company

Skateboarding has always been an important culture for us.

They spread the undefeated attitude from street to street,
so we took this image of shuttling skaters and created a “5pm Express” delivery company
— we use skaters to delivery your packages, on time, and with the realest love.

Of course, the company is just a joke.
But our love for skaters is real.
We made this new merch to show the love, to all skaters making the streets a better place.

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New Balance 860 V2 Outfits

The retro styles, again, are strongly influencing today’s streetwear and fashion.⁣

New Balance 860 V2,⁣
this ‘90s runner has explained how the retro sneakers could fit in today’s style.⁣
The original innovative appearance from 1990s ⁣
and the updated N-ergy technology make it ideal for daily use.⁣

5pm Magazine styled two outfits to showcase 860 V2 in today’s lifestyle.

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all images © keishin horikoshi/SS tokyo

Tokyo, one of the most popular destinations for travelers, its co-existence of contemporary and traditional scenes have amazed every visitor.⁣

Oshiage is a district of Sumida Ward in the east of Tokyo, a major interchange station, it’s also where Tokyo Skytree stands at.⁣
And Hotel ONE@Tokyo may be another reason to visit.⁣

The hotel’s facade and interior design are the work of world-renowned architect Kengo Kuma. ⁣
Fusing industrial materials with natural wood, this new hotel exemplifies the contrast found in Oshiage, which retains the feeling of a bygone Edo era, while being within the modern metropolis of Tokyo.⁣

The price is very friendly,⁣
considering the location, design and facilities.⁣
When you’re traveling to Tokyo, ⁣
don’t forget to check out this 10-story and 142-room hotel.⁣

1-19-3 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo⁣
Tel +81-3-5630-1193⁣

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Scent of Home

“What’s the scent of your home?”

There is a scent, even though you haven’t really thought that’s the scent of your home, you realize you are arriving home when you smell it, and it makes you relaxed.

This scent only belongs to you, as it’s formed by those objects you have in your place — books, furnitures, plants, and everything else. We all like joyful smells, and the good smells make us enjoy life better.

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