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Fiskars by Maria Korkeila Lookbook

Fiskars teamed up with designer Maria Korkeila (@mariakorkeila) for a fresh garden wear collection.
Rooted in the Nordic design heritage and inspired by contemporary streetwear, the collection features 11 multifunctional, carefully designed styles ideal for gardening and daily activities.
The collection is now available online in select European markets and the U.S.

We at 5pm Magazine received some highlighted pieces from this collection
and showcased them in our latest editorial.

Fiskars by Maria Korkeila Products:

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Q&A with Johnny Tang

Johnny Tang, a true skateboard rider who has skated for 19 years till now.
His skateboard setup is 8.0 deck, highs, 51mm, Allen key, and he skates in US 9 shoes. 

In 2006, a few Global Nike SB members made a trip to China to film some clips for “Nothing But the Truth”, 
Johnny was probably the only one they could find who knew the spots and spoke both Chinese and English.
So, he naturally became their tour guide.
During that trip, Johnny skated a few spots with the Nike SB team and the team managers (Kevin Imamura and Hunter Murraira) were interested in starting a China Nike SB team.

Soon after that, Johnny got a call from Kevin Imamura who offered him a job at Nike SB.
Johnny was the first member of China Nike SB team and has been representing Nike SB till today. 

Please welcome Johnny to the latest #5pmQnA
and enjoy the full texts in our Instagram story highlights!

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Q&A with Tunway a.k.a. 小屁孩

Tunway, more known as his nickname 小屁孩 (Xiao Pi Hai, “little naughty boy” in English), is a Chinese-speaking Malaysian.
He is the founder of FUTUREMADE STUDIO and a YouTuber with 115K subscribers (till November 11, 2020).
In Chinese-speaking countries and regions, his videos are very popular for the inspiring contents and interesting editing.

Brands including Nike, Asics, New Balance, Puma have worked with him.
And during the lockdown, Tunway decided to open a FUTUREMADE STUDIO physical store. 
Let’s get to know more about him, and find out what’s the secret keeping him smiling 🙂

Instagram: @tunway
YouTube: Xiao Pi Hai小屁孩

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Q&A with NAGA

NAGA is an illustrator and graphic designer residing in Tokyo. He loves skateboarding very much as well.⁣
As he stared working in “sento” (public onsen in local town in Japan) when he was at 25 age, he got into Edo culture eventually and stared to draw his original illustration and artwork mixing street culture and ukiyo-e.⁣

Recently, NAGA worked on the poster for the release of Nike SB x Medicom Toy BE@RBRICK, and the graphic went viral on social media — everyone loved it!

We’re very honored to have NAGA joining the Q&A, and talked about some stories behind his creations.

Instagram: @naga0708
Website: /

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Q&A with Amber Aarts

With two locations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the sneaker store Oqium (@oqium) has constantly brought new visions by infusing the basketball culture into the sneaker game in Europe, and their efforts can be seen in those excelsior graphics used on their social media.

To match the returning of Air Jordan 1 High OG CO.JP “Tokyo” — the 1 of 4 colorways in “Japan“ Pack released in celebration of the new century in 2001 — Oqium’s in-house photographer and designer Amber Aarts (@amber.aarts) created a poster with Japanese calligraphy that reads “Japan, 2001, 2020”. 

It’s that simple, but it still demonstrates the sophistication. 

With our curiosity, we asked a few questions to the designer Amber, to find out her inspiration. 

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Q&A with Gettomasa

Gettomasa, born in 1993 in Montreal, Canada, but he spent most of his childhood in Jyväskylä, Finland.
He started being interested in hip hop when he was 6 through his cousin, he was already making music himself when he was 17. 
In 2012 he won the Finland’s freestyle championship RAP SM.
In 2019, his second solo album ‘Diplomaatti’ was awarded the Emma Awards as the album of the year in Rap/R&B category.

In this Q&A, Gettomasa will talk about his daily life, work and clothing.
More importantly, 
Gettomasa’s new music video ‘Elastinen x Gettomasa – Mähän Sanoin’ will be out tomorrow, Friday July 26.
Remember to watch it! 

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Q&A with Joose Siira of Nide

Joose Siira, a book freak for whom literature and following book industry trends are a passion and a way of life. In 2015, he founded Nide bookstore (@nidekauppa) with Terhi, and soon after that, Nide became a very popular bookstore for Helsinki citizens and visitors.⁣

We’re very glad to have Joose join 5pm Q&A and talk about his daily life during these days. Also, check out the photos at the end of this article for some books Joose recommended for 5pm audiences!⁣

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Home and the City #2

These stay-home days have proved to us the importance of homes, 
we will keep bringing joys and inspiration to you,
and we will be connecting people from different homes.

Recently, we caught up with some friends from different cities around the world,
and they will share some photos of their homes.

Homes in this post:
Maastricht @appieshot
Gothenburg @huynh.william

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Home and the City # 1

Home is certainly the most important place for us.
While #stayhome has again proved to us the importance of homes, 
we will keep bringing joys and inspiration to you,
and we will be connecting people from different homes.

Recently, we caught up with some friends from different cities around the world,
and they will share some photos of their homes.

In this post we are featuring:
Amsterdam @chess8792 
Singapore @jsnjnr  

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Love Local! (store list will be kept updated here)


Bär Bar Berries
The first Scandinavian style berry bar in the world. Bär Bar makes healthy smoothies, smoothie bowls, health shots and overnight oats using Finnish superfood. All the berries and oats products are from Finland.
Making an order:, Wolt

Brokadi Tripla
With their experienced chefs, Brokadi offers authentic Sichuan cuisine for Chinese food lovers in the town.
Making an order:, Wolt, Foodora

Daddy Greens Pizzabar
People often compare American pizza with Italian pizza, but Daddy Greens serves unique NYC-Neapolitan style pizza with chewy, crispy, tangy and charred crust. In summer 2017 first restaurant opened in Töölö, and in spring 2019 Daddy Greens opened the second restaurant at Iso Roba. 
Making an order: 0504687122 (Töölö), 0102990830 (Iso Roba), Wolt, Foodora
Menu: /

Fat Ramen
The ambitious ramen restaurant is now offering Fat Ramen Survival Kit, with which you can cook a bowl of hearty ramen at home! 
Making an order:, Wolt

Happy Waffle
Started in 2017 as a Pop Up, and now Happy Waffle has a permanent location on Vuorikatu. As their name tells, their vision is to make people happy with their creative waffles!
Making an order: Wolt

Kaffa Roastery
Kaffa Roastery has a simple and bold mission – changing the coffee culture for the better. Kaffa does this through sustainability, ethical sourcing and sincere passion towards quality coffee. Their story started from a popcorn machine and they have grown into a company that currently employs up to 30 coffee lovers in their roastery and coffee bar located in Punavuori, Helsinki. You can order Kaffa’s products straight to your mailbox through their website and learn more about them at @kaffaroastery
Making an order:

The name of restaurant, Levain, pays homage to its baking traditions, and it shows much appreciation for real wheat sourdough—Levain’s bread is made using the traditional method without industrial baking yeast and baked in stone sole oven until dark to ensure a crispy crust and deep aromas. 
In addition to the handcrafted products and respect for ingredients, Levain embraces local producers, their coffee is roasted at Kaffa Roastery in Punavuori, fresh sausages come from Feri’s Sausages in Viiskulma, cheeses and yogurt from Helsingin Meijeri.
Making an order: 0103229389 (Töölö), 0103229384 (Punavuori), Wolt

First opened its door in Tampere in August 1993. It is the first restaurant specializing in chicken wings and sauces, in Finland and the whole of Europe.
Making an order: Wolt

The Platform
The Platform offers selection of top-rated local restaurants’ take-away dishes for you to finalise at home. It differs from most food delivery services, that the food won’t be ready for pickup until next day. If you are planning for a fine dining at home, if you have an appreciation of some kitchen activities at home, The Platform can be an ideal option for you!
Making an order:

Way Bakery & Wine Bar
Sitting by the Karhupuisto park in Kallio, Way Bakery & Wine Bar offers sourdough bread, pastries and coffee. Natural wines and food based on best organic produce.
But due to the COVID-19, Way Bakery & Wine Bar only serves sourdough bread, pastries, toasts, coffee, etc. And take away only.
Making an order: 0504702388

We Got This
We Got This is a cozy coffee and wine bar serving Loud Coffee and natural wines, beer from small breweries and small bites. Now you can buy coffee bags, filters and gift cards online to support your beloved We Got This!
Making an order:


Over 30-year long history of retailing premium fashion and streetwear and only operated as a brick & mortar store. After a long waiting, Beamhill recently launched their new online shop!
Making an order:

Started in 2006 in two owners’ home city Jyväskylä. To meet consumers increasing demands, Beyond constantly introduces new brands to Finland. Fall 2018, Beyond opened their second store in Helsinki. 
Making an order:

My Favorite Things
Established in 2014 by three active skateboarders, MFT crew has always been doing things with real skateboarders’ originality. With skateboard hardware being the #1 focus, through the years, MFT has added a fruitful clothing & sneakers to its collection from carefully selected brands.
Making an order:

Living & Design

Cilla’s (also known as C’s) offers a wide range of daily products, from homeware, jams, cosmetics to apparels. And each product is selected according to their value — making people’s everyday life joyful.
Making an order:

Gauhar Helsinki
Gauhar Helsinki’s vision is to design timeless products for modern people. Surrounding an elegant lifestyle, Gauhar offers home fragrances, interior decoration items, natural linen, jewellery, accessories and more for you to find out. 
During these exceptional days, all your orders from Gauhar Helsinki are guaranteed with free shipping & returns within Finland.
Making an order:

We Float
Relaxation Flotation has been studied and proved effective for deep relaxation, reducing stress, improving sleep quality and so on. It is a very unique experience for nowadays fast-paced life. 
To thank all the medical workers who are fighting against COVID-19, We Float will give 1 free session to a medical worker from every 2 sold sessions.
Making an order:

Lokal is opened by photographer Katja Hagelstam in April 2012, it was awarded the Finnish State Design Award 2017 and was granted the Finnish Design Deed Award 2015. 
With a strong emphasis on the timeless value of handmade items, craftsmanship and small scale production, Lokal also presents themed group exhibitions in the gallery space. In addition, Lokal also strives to provide opportunities for young designers.
Lokal online shop carries a selection of smaller products and selected prints, including some of Lokal’s most popular handmade and/or unique items. 
Making an order:

Nide Bookstore
Running a bookstore isn’t an easy task nowadays, however, thanks to the two founders’ background in publishing and book industry, Nide has made itself one of the most successful bookstores in the country within just a few years. 
Making an order:

TRE is a shop, platform and community for Finnish lifestyle. In addition to offering the largest selection of Finnish design and lifestyle under the same roof, the selection has been broaden along with their internationalization. 
It is the successor to the Design Forum Shop, which had played an important role in Finnish design for more than 20 years. With the experienced background, TRE is dedicated to bringing Nordic lifestyle to more continents. 
Making an order:

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[Vol. 8] The Secret of Warmth

For most Finns, wool socks are very essential for their winter.
Wearing a pair of traditional wool socks and sitting next to the fireplace is a miniature of the ideal Finnish winter lifestyle.

To find out how the traditional wool socks are made,
we paid a visit to Helsingin Villasukkatehdas— meaning Helsinki Wool Sock Factory.
It is the only traditional wool sock factory in Finland that’s using carded wool yarn,
and very possibly the only one in the world. 

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